NuCLEANase® for phage production

NuCLEANase® lowers viscosity and hence facilitates the purification of phages used as natural preservatives or anti-infectives.

Bacteriophages are and have always been ubiquitous; and because they are harmless to humans, animals, or plants, they have emerged as bacterial biocontrol agents. As consumer demand shifts towards more natural and chemical-free substances, phages are increasingly being used in food and cosmetic production. Moreover, phages can also replace antibiotics in animal husbandry, thus promoting healthier and natural animal growth.

In food safety applications, phages have already obtained approval from the US FDA and are regularly used in meat or agricultural products to prevent the spread of bacteria responsible for food spoilage as well as infection from foodborne pathogens.

However, extracting phages from the host microbial organism during production, can sometime pose a challenge. Cell lysis leads to presence of intracellular components, including significant load of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), resulting in a highly viscous solution that is difficult to process and purify.

With NuCLEANase® phage production becomes easier and simpler. The nuclease enzyme eliminates very effectively all forms of nucleic acids (linear, circular, single, or double-stranded), facilitating purification and improving process efficiency by reducing viscosity.



Decreases viscosity

Facilitates purification

Improve process efficiency

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