NuCLEANase® to produce food and feed enzymes and other fermentation products

In food fermentation products, NuCLEANase® ensures efficient removal of residual host DNA for regulatory compliance and viscosity reduction.

The utilization of microbial fermentation in food production has gained significant recognition for its ability to provide sustainable and economically efficient ingredient sourcing. Microbial fermentation processes (i.e., precision fermentation) are widely employed in the production of:

  • Various food and feed enzymes

  • Flavorings and additives

  • Alternative (functional) proteins

For instance, many food enzymes these days are produced taking advantage of improved microbial hosts to enable their efficient industrial manufacturing. The same applies to the production of feed enzymes and other fermentation products, such as alternative proteins.

For these products, the current guidelines of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) require verification of absence of residual DNA from the microbial host, with a LOD of 10 ng per gram of product. Moreover, these fermentatively obtained molecules, with their production hosts must not add to the pool of antimicrobial resistant (AMR) genes, thus being obligatory to also show absence of acquired AMR genes in the final product.

Additionally, many times increased viscosity in the fermentation broth can be caused by high nucleic acid load, leading to poor process efficiency and longer DSP time. Besides supporting regulatory adherence of fermentation products, NuCLEANase® can also mitigate the effects caused by increased viscosity, thus improving processes and potentially increasing the production capacities.

NuCLEANase® very efficiently removes all forms of DNA and RNA, whether linear, circular, double-stranded, or single-stranded. Hence NuCLEANase® endonuclease is the perfect enzyme to eliminate any residual host DNA and produce an end-product in full compliance with regulatory guidelines.


Efficient and simple method for residual host DNA removal

Cost-effective add-on to already established  commercial processes 

Verified – in use for EFSA-regulated products already approved in the EU

Improves DSP and process efficiency 

Case study: Viscosity reduction in fermentation processes

Many times, increased viscosity can be caused by high nucleic acid load in the fermentation broth, leading to poor process efficiency and longer DSP time.

Check out our most recent case study, showing how viscosity can be mitigated by using NuCLEANase®.

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