About NuCLEANase®

NuCLEANase® is recombinantly expressed endonuclease from Serratia marcescens. The production organism is a QPS/GRAS strain from Bacillus sp. NuCLEANase® catalyzes the hydrolysis of phosphodiester bonds between nucleotides, leaving short fragments with a length of 2 to 5 bases and a 5’-monophosphate end. NuCLEANase® cleaves all forms of DNA/RNA (single-stranded, double-stranded, linear, and circular).

In the food or feed sector, the applications are manifold. NuCLEANase® enables the efficient removal of residual host DNA in food and feed enzymes as well as other fermentation products, thus ensuring their compliance with the relevant regulatory guidelines. Likewise, NuCLEANase® can improve process efficiency by reducing the viscosity of the fermentation solution.

As a leading supplier of enzyme technologies, c-LEcta is offering a nuclease for the first time in industrial quantities at affordable prices. Depending on the application and the end product, NuCLEANase® is available in tech-grade or food-grade quality; with the latter being halal/kosher-certified. The production host is a QPS/GRAS strain and no antibiotics or animal-derived materials are used in the manufacturing process.






Highly active - cleaves all forms
of DNA and RNA to 2-5 oligonucleotides

c-LEcta_ICON_free of antibiotics

Free of antibiotics &
animal derived raw materials


Wide range of
operating conditions


Full technical support
by experts


Kosher &

For which application field do you need NuCLEANase®?

Fermentation products

In food fermentation products, NuCLEANase® ensures efficient removal of residual host DNA for regulatory compliance and viscosity reduction.

Phage production

NuCLEANase® lowers viscosity and hence facilitates the purification of phages used as natural preservatives or anti-infectives.

Biofilm control

NuCLEANase®, as part of a multi-component cleaning formulation can enable efficient elimination of stubborn biofilms in domestic, industrial, or medical settings.

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