NuCLEANase® for biofilm control

NuCLEANase® is excellent for degrading DNA contained in the polymeric matrix created by microbial communities as well as for dispersing pre/post-formed biofilms. The enzyme enables efficient elimination of stubborn biofilms in domestic, industrial, or medical environments.

Biofilms are complex matrixes composed of many different molecules such as polysaccharides, proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids (DNA and RNA). DNA in form of external DNA (eDNA) has an important role in the early formation of the biofilm as a major component for initial bacterial attachment to surfaces and the subsequent early phase of biofilm development.

Microbial biofilms are known to be problematic and difficult to eliminate in industrial settings, for instance in the food industry. They are also a threat to human health, as they significantly contribute to the spread of antibiotic-resistant infections (e.g., via medical devices).

Biofilms also develop on human teeth and skin, hence NuCLEANase® can be considered as a beneficial ingredient in personal care and cosmetic products too. As hygiene awareness grows, so does the need for better and more efficient solutions to avoid disease by preventing microbial spread, whether on surfaces, textiles, or in humans.

Wherever biofilms are of concern, NuCLEANase® may be the solution. We provide our customers with a highly active, robust endonuclease that can rapidly and cost-effectively degrade all forms of nucleic acid.


    • Removes biofilms reliably and efficiently
    • Prevents the formation of biofilms
    • Suitable for domestic, medical, or industrial settings
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